Vol 1: Things To Do With Your Pup

Vol 1: Things To Do With Your Pup

Dogs are often active and always looking for mischief; they are also very attached to their owners, and love spending time with you. Planning activities with your pups help to curb mischief, and give them that quality time they desire. Need some ideas? Check out our list below for a few ideas!

Go for a swim together

Most dogs love swimming, especially those living in tropical areas (aka us!). If your dog loves playing in the water, one of the best ways to spend time with them is to go for a swim together. This can be at a nearby beach or a backyard pool. Let your dog loose and see them enjoy the splashing water in the summer heat. 

**While the law prohibits dogs on the public beaches between April-October, dogs can still swim, and even swim in the waters near a beach, as long as they enter the water from a boat, or kayak, or public dock.

Go on a walking tour around the city

Dogs love their daily walks but guess how you can make it more fun for both of you? Take your dog on a walking tour of the city. You can explore the place this way and enjoy some bonding time with your pooch - St. George's and Dockyard make great "tour" spots.

Explore Bermuda's trails

National parks are found all through Bermuda and offer an excellent trekking opportunity. If you are planning a day out through the trails or at a park, take your dog along - and remember to bring some water, especially in the summer months!

Organise canine playdates

The most adorable thing you can do with your dog is to organise or attend a canine playdate. This can be with the dog of a beloved friend or acquaintance. While you chat with your friend, your pets can run and play around. They can even have some dog food together, just like on any regular date. 

Picnic at the park

If it's a warm, sunny day and the weather is best to be spent outdoors, organise a picnic at the park with your family, friends, and your dog. Enjoy a nice and relaxed day outside with your beloved people and little furry friend. Remember to take treats with you!

Enter an agility competition (for fun!)

While not all pet parents are entirely in support of competitions, they can be a great way to spend the day together, and with other friends. Rather than focusing on whether you win, just enjoy the day, with your dog, and with the other dogs as they display their talents.


The list of things to do with your dog mentioned here is limited, but there are plenty of other things that you can do together. This could be taking your dog to work for a day, giving him a massage, painting his picture, and more! 

Additional Resource: The Bermudian, "5 Dog Friendly places to visit this summer"


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