About Us

What is Waggies?

Waggies is a fresh pet food company located in Bermuda. For cats and dogs alike, we craft fresh wholesome meals, guaranteed to give your pet the ‘waggies’.

Waggies /wag•gees/ verb: (with reference to an animal's tail) the joyful movement or to and fro of your pet’s tail; often in relation to food, happiness and/or affection. "[he] has a case of the waggies"

Why Waggies?

We have experience feeding pups of all sorts - picky eaters, sensitive eaters, over-eaters, we’ve worked with them all! 

We prioritise wellness - well-rounded, fresh recipes proven to provide the balanced nutrition that your pets require.

We make it easy for you! Delivery or pickup, one-time or subscription, we believe that feeding your pets should be as easy as feeding yourself. 

How does it work?

  1. Tell us who you’re feeding - cat or dog? (or both!)
  2. Choose your recipe - we’ve got something for everyone!
  3. Choose how much - is your four legged friend big or small?
  4. Choose how often - one time or regular order?

Who is Waggies?

Waggies was founded by Jasmine, a dog and cat (albeit at a distance!) lover, who wanted to make a fresh pet food that owners could feel confident about feeding their pets; on the premise that ‘Waggies’ should be the only word on the label that pet parents haven’t heard before, and that whole food wellness should be easier for pet parents to provide.