Vol 5: Feeding your pets fresh food

Vol 5: Feeding your pets fresh food

Just like humans thrive and live a healthier life when provided with a fresh food diet, we believe that the same goes for your pets. This article will guide you on just some of the benefits of feeding your pet a fresh food diet. So, let’s begin with what is fresh pet food?

What is fresh pet food?

There are several fresh pet food brands available in the market these days. Waggies will, however, provide you with some of the freshest meals, and delivered right to your door anywhere in Bermuda. For example, we have fresh beef and chicken recipes for dogs, while for cats, there are tuna or salmon flavoured options. In general, fresh pet food is simply real cooked food which you can recognise - it is free of preservatives, has a lesser calorie intake, and still is nutritionally balanced.

Benefits of fresh pet food

1.   Healthy skin

Both dogs and cats tend to shed a lot, and their fur or coat requires special care and maintenance. Providing your pet with fresh pet food keeps its coat furry, smooth, and healthy. In addition, the fatty acids in fresh foods prevent excessive shedding and increase hydration levels within the body.

2.   Improved digestion

Fresh foods like fruits and vegetables tend to be rich in fiber content. The intake of these foods can improve your pet’s digestion. It helps with regular bowel movements. Say goodbye to upset tummies when you regularly feed fresh pet food to your pet.

3.   Higher energy levels

Fresh pet food is meant to increase the energy level of your furry friend as it ensures a balanced intake of nutrients and vitamins. Your pet requires high energy levels to play through the day, and this can be satiated by fresh vegetables, fruits, and various animal proteins. In addition, these fresh foods contain beneficial elements that supply energy to your pet’s diet, like antioxidants, amino acids, etc.

4.   Weight control

Weight control is an important issue, especially when it comes to dogs. Obesity is a common occurrence, and fresh dog food is one of the ways you can avoid this. It helps control your pet’s weight.

5.   Allergy relief

Lastly, fresh pet food is also an excellent allergy relief. Filler-free and grain-free food are just what your pet needs to fight its allergies.

This article is aimed at helping you understand the importance of fresh pet food. We know how much you love your pet, and giving it the right food is your responsibility.* Waggies offers healthy options that you and your pet can always try. We recommend our Beef with Rice recipe, as it is one of our customer favourites!


*Note: We recognise that what's best for every pet can be different, be sure to consult with your vet as to what might be best for your and your four-legged friend!

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