Vol 3: Tips for First Time Pet Owners

Vol 3: Tips for First Time Pet Owners

Owning a pet for the first time can be exciting but also quite stressful. It's often compared to having a baby, because that's how much care and attention pets demand - especially our canine friends! So, here are a few helpful tips for first-time (or future-first time!) pet owners. 

Do your research

Before bringing your new four-legged friend home, do your research. Different breeds have different physical and mental needs. It's your responsibility to find out all that you need to know to provide a happy, healthy, and comfortable home for your pet. It is important to consider such factors as where you live, how big the home is, the amount or access to outdoor space, whether there will be anybody home at all times, and more. You can do this research on your own, but don't be afraid to seek help from other pet owners, vets, or pet associations/advocacy groups. 

Think of finances

Finances are an important factor to consider when bringing a pet home. From pet food, to various medical costs and regular visits to the vet, to toys and accessories, you must have a budget in mind for taking care of your pet. Be it a dog or a cat, every pet requires some amount of monetary investment that you must be ready for. 

Prepare your space

Just like when you bring a baby home and the entire house has to be baby-proofed, you need to prepare your space for your furry friend too. Basics like eating and drinking bowls, collars, leash, bed, and treats must be bought. And, if it's a puppy or kitten, you need to take extra care to keep these extra curious young ones safe!

Train consistently

Getting a new pet home is not all about cuddling and love. Training is a crucial aspect of the process. Your pet, be it a dog or cat, needs to be trained to poop in the right place, abide by the various house rules, and so on. A consistent and stable routine from the beginning will help you in the long run. 

Food matters

You choose what your pet eats, so you are responsible for ensuring they get a healthy, balanced diet. There are many pet food types and brands available, but we believe that fresh pet food is the best! We always encourage pet parents to consult with your vet, for support with forming a healthy diet. They can ensure that your pet is receiving just what they need considering any allergies, weight management, size, and age of the dog. Waggies fresh pet food - for dogs and cats - is a great option that takes the guess work out of feeding healthy, fresh, balanced meals! 


These are just a few tips for new pet owners, and there are many more out there. But we hope this article helps all those pet parents waiting in anticipation to bring their new family member home to feel a little more prepared for their arrival! 


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