Why should I feed fresh? 

While many pet foods do contain the right balance of vitamins and nutrients for your pets, we think that they deserve wellness you know and truly understand - that ‘Waggies’ should be the only word on the label that pet parents haven’t heard before. Whether your pet eats anything, nothing, or certain foods only, we’ve seen the positive results: healthy appetites, shiny coats, and healthy poops (yes, you read that right). Not only is it tail-waggin’ good, but it's wellness you’ll be able to see. 

How should I store the food? 

When your Waggies meal(s) arrive, you’ll need to put them into the freezer - meals will arrive frozen, and to preserve freshness and quality, the freezer is your best friend. When you’re ready to serve a meal, you’ll want to defrost your containers in the fridge, at which point you can serve up your pets appropriate serving. If there’s food remaining in the container, place it back in the fridge, and continue to serve as needed - just as you would with your own leftovers! *Don’t worry, your order will come with a reminder of everything we just said above. (Easy as possible, remember?) 

What’s in a Waggies meal? 

All of our ingredients are human-grade and sourced from reputable food suppliers, local farms, and/or grocery stores. We don’t use preservatives in our foods, instead maintaining the integrity of our fresh ingredients by freezing all our meals. This allows us to deliver the highest quality, most natural nutrients available. Our meals are cooked, packaged, and frozen for convenient delivery and to preserve freshness. Cooking fresh foods means that unlike most other pet foods on island, your pets' food won’t have sat on the dock for ages before it hits their bowl (or plate!). 

What if my dog doesn’t like the food? 

If your dog doesn’t get a case of the ‘Waggies’, we are happy to accept a return and refund for any unopened containers. See our return policy *here* 

Should I consult my vet? 

Please do! We’ve sat down with local and overseas veterinarians to ensure our meals are safe. While many vets may debate over different food trends, most agree that fresh, nutritionally-balanced food is great for dogs. Our recipes have been formulated to fully replace a standard diet, but also works well as a compliment to regular kibble. 

How much does a Waggies meal cost? 

Every pet is different, big or small, plump or trim, walker or napper, and the price of your meal will depend on this. We let you decide just how you’d like to feed them, whether only Waggies or mixing with a dry base. Recipes start at $6 per container, and will adapt as you make your selections. But you can be sure that your dollars aren’t going to dock fees, or customs, instead towards the freshest ingredients, and human care to cook well balanced, wholesome meals.